Celebrating Our 40th Year of Dance Excellence!

Fusion Jazz. Ballet. Lyrical. Contemporary. Graham & Limón Modern.

NDT returns to celebrate its 40th Anniversary with a stunning original score and repertoire...

~ One People This Time Right Now ~

This original dance documentary film and theater arts production ignites a coming together of artistic change and explores the critical transformation facing a humanitarian crisis. Our community of educators, dancers, musicians, designers and poets collaborate in this world premier.

Through her exceptional dance education and training and her varied professional performing experiences, Ms. Thomas has acquired a wealth a knowledge in dance style and techniques and an extensive vocabulary in steps and movement combinations, which are vital for the development of future artists and teachers

George W. Faison, DFA, HC - Universal Dance Experience, LLC

I am extremely impressed with the results of Ms. Thomas' years of dedication to training adults and children to perform jazz, ballet, modern and African dance techniques. It was obvious that the dancers understood the music and message of Thomas' choreography, their performance was powerful

Stephanie S. Hughely, Artistic Director - National Black Arts Festival

I especially appreciated how she created movements that were beautiful and striking but attainable by so many different levels of ability. We didn't have to be dancers in order to dance in this show! I also was amazed at how she choreographed dances that gave the feeling of Chinese Opera but were also new and totally suited to the unusual folktale on which the production is based

Susannah Wood, Artistic Director - Opera Piccolo, LLC